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Although the definition of Public Relations is the maintenance of yours or your company’s relationship with the public, at the end of the day, it consists of nothing but human relationships.

Your audience/customers/stakeholders are connected to your brand (there are other ways they can be connected to you but for simplicity’s sake, we will only focus on brand in this blog post) because you have created a brand that resembled a real personality.

I recently read something by Erich Fromm, which resonated with me deeply. Even in the 60s, he predicted that the people in our society will become more and more disengaged from themselves and each other and stated 4 neurosis.

The one that I want to concentrate on is the American Beauty phenomenal and I’ll start with this quote ‎”They know what will sell, but not the price they will pay.”

Public Relations is the creation of a persona, a personality, an image for an organization which translates into a brand, but the American Beauty phenomenal is that people are selling themselves, without knowing themselves. And that’s very powerful.

Can you face your brand straight in the eyes and say this is a real & genuine brand?

Chances are, most of us can’t because we only publicize what we think the public wants to see.

But your brand should act and behave like a person – and that includes vulnerabilities, humbleness, mistakes, as well as achievements.

Brands doing it right includes MailChimp & Charity: Water.




Nowadays social media and PR work side by side, but how exactly do you create synergy between the two?

Here are 4 tips to get you started.

1. Make your article headlines Twitter friendly

Because the internet is now driven by this big mishmesh of social sharing, you want to remove as much friction as you can for people to share your article. This means making your headlines, first and foremost, very Twitter friendly. Make it compeling and keep it way under 140 characters so users can add their own commentary.

2. Collect testomonials for social media and PR use

With so much noise and offers on the internet, what potential users are looking for is social validation. Aside from Facebook likes, real testomonials are a very powerful way to convert onlookers into customers so collecting these will come in handy. Use an online survey software and setup a simple form on your website and routinely send out surveys in your newsletters. Chances are, your most enthusiastic customers will be glad to give you some sugary feedback.

3. Use your blog as “pull-strategy” to get people writing about you

Even though PR consists of a lot of cold-calling and general hustling, you will be amazed by how far a well maintained blog can get you. If your company is high profile enough, reporters already have your blog on their radar. Use this opportunity to blog about content that you want your company to be covered on. Also be a thought-leader in your industry so that other content creators on the web will want to link to you, thus associating your brand as an authority in your domain. 

4. Use social bookmarking sites to create PR packages

Journalists are extremely busy people, which means saving time on doing background checks and research for your story will put you on their good side. Sites like Delicious are a great tool for compiling revelant links and content into one place and adding it in your pitch so that they can check it out at a later time without having to scour the web.


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