What’s your true Public Image?

Although the definition of Public Relations is the maintenance of yours or your company’s relationship with the public, at the end of the day, it consists of nothing but human relationships.

Your audience/customers/stakeholders are connected to your brand (there are other ways they can be connected to you but for simplicity’s sake, we will only focus on brand in this blog post) because you have created a brand that resembled a real personality.

I recently read something by Erich Fromm, which resonated with me deeply. Even in the 60s, he predicted that the people in our society will become more and more disengaged from themselves and each other and stated 4 neurosis.

The one that I want to concentrate on is the American Beauty phenomenal and I’ll start with this quote ‎”They know what will sell, but not the price they will pay.”

Public Relations is the creation of a persona, a personality, an image for an organization which translates into a brand, but the American Beauty phenomenal is that people are selling themselves, without knowing themselves. And that’s very powerful.

Can you face your brand straight in the eyes and say this is a real & genuine brand?

Chances are, most of us can’t because we only publicize what we think the public wants to see.

But your brand should act and behave like a person – and that includes vulnerabilities, humbleness, mistakes, as well as achievements.

Brands doing it right includes MailChimp & Charity: Water.


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