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What’s your true Public Image?

Although the definition of Public Relations is the maintenance of yours or your company’s relationship with the public, at the end of the day, it consists of nothing but human relationships. Your audience/customers/stakeholders are connected to your brand (there are other ways they can be connected to you but for simplicity’s sake, we will only focus on brand in this blog post) because you have created a brand that resembled a real personality. I recently … Continue reading

Tips on optimizing social media for PR

    Nowadays social media and PR work side by side, but how exactly do you create synergy between the two? Here are 4 tips to get you started. 1. Make your article headlines Twitter friendly Because the internet is now driven by this big mishmesh of social sharing, you want to remove as much friction as you can for people to share your article. This means making your headlines, first and foremost, very Twitter friendly. … Continue reading